Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh the pain

On Tuesday the vibrance of color, the perseption of the world, was modified. My whole existance became dull and stagnate. On Tuesday I found myself sobbing next to my son's play pen as he stopped playing and stared at me, for he had never heard be gasp for air. I was shaky, dizzy, lost within my own grief that my beloved aunt, my twin, had passed away.She had been in the ICU since her open heart surgery and after a brief improvement in her health the dreaded wolf took her. 
I had dreamt of this happening a few days before her operation, but disregarded my thoughts as me just worrying and being a pesimist. But the same image haunted me as the days went by. I saw my cousin crying her heart out saying " my mother has died." However, the day of the operation, I nervously had my phone next to me hoping that i would not recieve the dreaded phone call. 
After 7 hours of waiting my mother finally called. She sounded happy, and I instantly knew all was alright. I spoke to my uncle and he also sounded aliviated. So I told myself there was nothing to worry about and felt happy. Nevertheless, my concerns were still there. I kept on hearing my cousin in my head saying those words over and over again, and with every passing day I would call home to hear that she was still in the ICU that she was having some bad moments but overall she was fine. I knew it was not the case. I did not bother my uncle I knew he had to spend as much time with my aunt.
On Monday, I found myself sleepless and calling my mother at midnight here in Germany, but only 6pm in Colombia. I told her how I had been having a horrible feeling and she told me the same. That night I emailed my uncle telling how much I wanted him and my aunt to know that I was with them, that I loved them and how I wanted everything to be alright. I said " I know everything will turn out alright", I lied. I knew no such thing. I only dreamed that my aunt would be take back home. I wanted so deeply to believe my cousing and my uncle would have her for many more years.
But the next day, after trying to convince myself that I needed to be happy, calm for my aunt. I received the phone call....and I am still lost

Monday, January 25, 2010

Broken needle

Well, no one ever told me that sewing can be a hazardous job, but I found out today that whenever i am using the sewing machine I must wear my glasses. I broke my needle for the first time today, and one piece flew towards me eye. I am very lucky it did not go into my eye.....that was a close one. Lesson learned.

The reason it broke was because I was sewing together my Valentines day wall hanging, and here is a glimpse of it so far....

What do you guys think? Is it cheesy enough? I hope so. I actually like cheesy lovey dovey things for Valentines day, hehe.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yesterday i saw a very interesting trailer in Schopfloch, as we were walking back from the bakery. I assume it is for Fasching (carnival), however it could be the someone time traveled to the middle ages in that trailer and then just added rubber never know. I like to think it was the later option and that a medieval wench was peek out from one of those small windows observing me as I took the picture. Maybe she was even baffled by the black magical box I was holding and pointing at her house. Maybe she even prepared a protection potion and smothered her house with it fearing that the malicious witch with the magic box would not return.

Anyway I went of track just a tad, I just realized yesterday that getting out and about during the winter is essential to my sanity.

On a sewing note I am still finishing my sweetie. I have finished my bear. I will add pictures once I have figured out the flaws and fixed them. I am also on the draft stage of creating my son's 1st Birthday gift yay!!!! It is a playmat that will have detachable items......the suspense is in the air!!! I am also working on my valentines day wall hanging which I believe tomorrow I will have a picture for you to see it.

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, January 21, 2010

headach, cold, soup, and blindfold

Princess and the pea by Edmund Dulac
If I had to pick four words to describe my day they would be as mentioned in the title. Why you might ask would I pick those for words? Well......even though it is a secret I will explain a little. I woke with a horrible headache that began the previous night, grew while I "slept" (it is difficult to have a peaceful slumber when you have a headache), and festered when I woke up. Luckily my husband was nice enough to give Basti his breakfast. I finally forced myself to get out of bed, hoping it would not become a migraine and was greeted with the bitter coldness that is a German winter. I am still not used to the seasons.

Since I was and still am so terribly cold I decided to make ajiaco, which is a typical stew from Colombia. It was delicious, if I don't say so myself. As I continued to shiver throughout the day I drew something (the secretive part) that might or might not contain a blindfold, and might or might not be my husband's Valentines day gift and my new wall hanging, maybe....maybe'll just have to wait and see. But if it were the case it is looking awesome!

On a sewing note (or stitch hehe...) I have sewn my Sweetie. She is now a 3d figure. However, she is still a white canvas. I believe that my tomorrow I will give her some features and a few hearts, maybe even a skirt.
I have also been added to the European street Etsy group and their blog. I am very excited to participate in their challenges. This week it is petite and cute. And I am a bit stumped. I was considering making a petite bear or a petite gnome.

I am in a mythological state of mind.

I have also decided to add a troll to the Alphamales, and maybe even unicorn.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New look

I have been playing around with my blogs template and I think I have finally found a layout and picture that I am happy with. I have always been that type of person that is constantly changing her look, hairdo, etc. But I think it will stay this way for a while. What do you guys think? I really like how all the Alphamales are gathered around the jolly old piano ready to start singing.

On projects that I am working on at the moment, I will list a few. I am making a monk bag, lets see how it turns out, that I might donate to the craft hope project for Haiti. It all depends if it comes out looking sell-able. I am also working on a story about climate change for a contest over on authonomy. I am making a recovery kit for my beloved aunt who is currently in recovery after a very successful open heart surgery. Just another example that the power of prayer works! And I am going to start on my valentines day goodies, maybe a lovable bear, embroidery patterns, and a bouquet of hearts. I am excited. Also I am making a, They are called agendas in spanish, calender book? I guess world be the equivalent in english. We shall see how it turns out. I plan on hand drawing wish me luck. I seem to have a lot on my plate. Now if only I had the time ......

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Alphamale

I had to leave Monsieur Mensch aside for a while, and focus on something else. Therefore I created a new Alphamale. Let me introduce you to Harriette the Hare with a healing heart. She was fun to create, becuase this time I experimented with using color pencils to draw her face, and I really liked how it turned out.

I do have a major problem though, the fabric that I used for the detail around her face and the pocket fray, and I do not know how to avoid that. Do any of you have any suggestions? I would truly appreciate them.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The history of Valentines day

I was reading on the history of Valentines day and it seems the connection between the Saints and romance was all a misunderstanding.  Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a romantic phrase containing the word valentine in his Parlement of Foules (1382)
"For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make."
However, it was for the kings marriage to his young bride in May, not in February.However, the connection remained and that is where we get this holiday. In the Victorian era it was a day when young lovers would send love notes to each other. Some, the majority, were sent anonymously and were actually quite racy for the times. I love how people were so sexually charged during that era and since it was not allowed to express it you find it in everything and everywhere, hidden in plain sight, thus creating a rather erotic era. Ironic....

So as I sit here listening to my favorite band, Dead Can Dance, I ponder on love, sentiments, lust, excitement, energy. It is both odd and common how every thing is connected. Love, hate, life, death, beginning, end, past, future, man, woman, evil, good, chaos, stillness. Each would not exist without the other.

For the past few days I have been thinking about energy. It has been a topic that has intrigued me since I took one of the best classes ever. It was called Occult Literature. The premise of the class was to study in depth the gothic genre, but it went much deeper than that. We found ourselves studying quantum physics and the properties of light, Carl Jung, and death. I see existence different because of that class, and I thank Dr. Moss.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine's day Sweetie...

Here is a little preview of what my new sweetie will look like. I can't wait to start working on her!

Monsieur Mensch update...

I am glad to say that now Monsieur Mensch has some color on his flesh, and no longer naked. He wanted a suit tailored to match the blue of his eyes, and since I have never made a suit it has been a ....... pleasure. He understands of course and it happy to just have some clothes on, because it is a nippy -5 degrees here, so he is not complaining.

I am also happy to announce that my hide an seek game tutorial is posted on So you think you are crafty website, under viewers crafts!! I am also about to post my tutorial to make a soft cover baby journal, and I am working on my new Valentine's sweeties. They are lovable angels that would be happy to join you for Valentines. I will have a picture of them up in a couple of days.

On a personal note my aunt is going to have surgery on Monday. I would appreciate any prayer or positive thought from any and all of you. I believe deeply in the power of positivity and prayer. God has bestowed in us energy that is powerful, so powerful that we do not even realize. So if you could spare just a droplet of that power/ energy and direct it towards my aunt I will forever be grateful.

Thanks for stopping by..

Monseiur Mensch

I have just finished sewing together my first cloth doll, and it has been an awesome experience. I decided to hand sew him, and I plan on painting his face, adding felt hair, and giving him some very stylish clothing (which might even include a top hat!) So far he is still a white canvas (literally).

My plan of action is as follows: Cut and sew on his black felt hair. paint his face, hands, and feet. Create clothing. Do some needle sculpting on his face. I am not going for a realistic face. I want him to remain is true cartoony way. He is aware that is a doll, and rather enjoys being that way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

unexpected they really come in 3's?

From Lewis' Manuscript "Alica falls under Ground" Perfect for how I feel....
Lately my life has been full of some expected and some unexpected changes. I have enjoyed the expected ones, such as my niece, but I could most definitely do without the unexpected ones. As I have mentioned before the first one is the rapid downward spiral that my abuelo is rushing through. The second one was and still is even more surprising than my grandfather. My beloved and quirky aunt, (the one that I share a birthday, a first name, and a small oval birthmark on the same foot) needs open heart surgery. I am sending all of my good and positive energy to her and to God, and I am hoping that all goes well and smoothly. But I am still petrified for her. And given that usually things occur in threes I am nervious about the fact there could still be lingering out there in the universe and third unexpected occurrence. I just see it hovering about earth, miles away shining among the stars, watching my every move and just waiting for that moment when I think that we have cleared the worst of the torment, and then suddenly I am back in what seems to be the bottomless abyss, sinking swiftly down to what appears to be the worst.....Hopefully I am wrong. Hopefully I am just exaggerating. Hopefully I am just worrying (since I was born to be a worrier) for no reason. Hopefully...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Green male-ish being in my mind 
For some reason, unknown to me, I had to draw this being. All I know about him-ish is that he is male, but very feminine in the sense that he tries to have a female voice while still having a deep voice, wears lipstick, and tries to style his hair in a female sort of way (or what he thinks is female). he is not from this world, but he wants to be. He is an observer, and quiet looker who wants to learn and adapt. He is not evil, not mean, but a tad bit scary. He is the unknown. 

I have realized that when I draw I tend to enjoy creating beings with : long necks, high collar garments, long sleeves, angular long faces, big lips, and sharp eyes. I have been thinking a lot about my style and I do realize the impact that Tim Burton, gothic elements, Edward Gorey, Surrealism, Dadaism, Rene Magritte, Dali, Manray, Joel-Peter Witkin, and others. I have realized that I have forgotten about what really makes me tick, and I think it is time that I return to it.
on of my favorite photographs by Witkin, his version of Manray's photograph


On a sewing note, I am still eagerly studying the different doll makers out there and I have found some outstanding and mind boggling work. I encountered the works of Lisa Lichtehfels.

 These dolls are so life like, that I had to look at them several times to find something that indicated that their flesh was actually nylon. I must learn from this woman, she is gifted to say the least. I am also drawn to the cart before the horse work. I find it very similar to what I want to create, however different. I cannot see myself ever coming up with the things they create, but we share the same, lets say, "air" or style.
What would you consider your style to be? What influences you?

So I will be trying to create my green male-ish being into a doll. I have to practice before I can create my abuelito.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learning how to make a doll

I have been thinking a lot about my personal project to create an abuelito doll, and the idea has turned into a new obsession. I have been looking a doll blogs, doll books, and there are some amazing  doll makers out there. I will be adding some to my great blog list. So far I have no idea how to sculpt the nose, and I keep on trying to figure out how these doll makers do it by looking at their photos. I guess I will just have to play around with it. However, I tend to be a fast pace type of person. I dislike starting  trying something and having to tear it off and start again! I am a first time around perfectionist, who is very impatient.

So I have been sketching some ideas for my abuelito doll, and he must have crooked glasses, big belly, high tailored pants, Blazer, slippers, grey balding head, a smile, and I am still deciding if he will have his crane or not.......

But anyways here is my sketch, what do you think? Any suggestions?

On another note, I am also working on a painted /embroidered version of my laugh through your teeth drawing that I posted yesterday. I hope it turns out how I see it in my mind.
I am also working on some Valentines day items (patterns, fabric valentines day letter)I will have them up soon. Hopefully my little one will let me get all these things done, and also I will be posting my tutorial on how to make a soft cover baby journal. I promise!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Daily Drawing Diary

I was sooooooooooo excitted about this idea after seeing some beautiful examples done by two wonderful artists. One is Teesh Moore, and the other is Gemma Correll. Gemma scans in her daily drawings on flickr, where she also has beautiful illustrations of pugs, cats, and other wondrous images for sale.
Because of these two very inspirational women, and a laughing toothless man I drew in twenty minutes, I decided to continue on drawing and create a daily drawing diary. The ultimate goal is to get better everyday so that I can tackle the illustrations for the Vansurian Time battle.

If I feel less self concsious about my drawing abilities I might post them. We shall see...... .

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New tutorial for my new hide and seek game panel!!!!!

You can find my new free tutorial on the tutorial page!!! Please let me know what you think of my game panel!!! I love to get comments!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Alphamale!

I would like to welcome our newest member. He is a bit camera shy. Lets all say hello to Am. Yes that is his name. Am is an amicable alien from Astrana. He has one eye, very amply lips and floppy antlers. His dream is to one day be an active alphamale, but for now he likes to analyze the atmosphere alone with the rocks.

What do you guys think of the newest member?
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Personal Project

Many shades of Abuelo by Wooni
With a new decade already starting I am confronted with an ever growing realization. Death is part of the cycle of life, and my dear abuelito is approaching this phase. I find it hard to accept the fact, that even though he is 89 he could ever die. He was always there. Even though in my eyes he was always grey haired and old he seems immortal.

I am told I have to start saying goodbye to this man that was more of a father than my own father was. How do I say goodbye to a man that gave me a home, education, a family, fond memories, and more. How can I leave behind a man that turned a common box into a tool of imagination and wonder, a man that could remember any date from his past and recant what happened exactly on that day, a man who is a genius, a brilliant mathematician, chess player, avid reader, devout catholic, wonderful father, adoring grandfather, and a strict disciplinarian. How can I? I do not want to say those words. I don't even want to see what the cruelness of time has done to him. He is now trapped inside this fragile cage, and only during rare glimpses are we able to hear his wondrous mind tell us that he realizes his own entrapment.

So I have decided to give all of my fond memories of him a new home. I will create a new body for him where his soul can come a visit if it likes. Call me crazy if you want but since I am not God, nor anything remotely close, I can only create something material and out of cloth. Therefore I will create a plush form of him.

Each stitch will contain his laughter, his rythmic tapping on the dinning room table, his games to fight of the boredom, his dislike of vegetables and fish, his evening whistle when he walks through the door, his graceful walk down the hallway, his warm hand on my cheek whenever we would say goodbye, and so many other small things that my abuelito is.

Friday, January 1, 2010

welcome 2010

Today is the first day of the new year and I am feeling positive and refreshed. 2009 was a year full of new and change. Some new changes were good, others were not so good, and some I'm still getting used to. Here is a recap of 2009 in the Wooni family:
Birth of our adoring beautiful son Basti (wonderful new change)
moving out of our apartment (horrible messy change)
living at in-laws (uncomfortable change)
moving 2 dogs, one being demented, a baby, two adults, and 8 suitcases across the atlantic ocean (exciting, smelly, overwhelming change)
living in sleepy Schopfloch (still adjusting change)
Starting Made by Wooni (awesome !)
Birth of my niece and nephew (beautiful change)

What will 2010 bring? Only God knows, but I am hoping that I will be able to finally keep my new year resolutions which involve sticking to something until I have finished it (Vansurian Time Battle, Alphamales, and other sewing items), speak German fluently, be more organized, and always have a smile and look for the positive. You can keep me to these resolutions! What are your new year resolutions?

On a Sewing note (or stitch jeje) I have several things I am making at the moment. I have a bag full of uncooked rice that I am planning on using to make a toy for Basti, a crib hanging/ cloth mural, Alien Alphamale (here is the sketch for the alien), and another baby quilt.