Who is Wooni

If you were asking yourself who is wooni, you have come to the right page. I am many things, and depending on the moment I can be many more. But to sum it all up, I am a dreamer, a spinner of thoughts, a weaver of whims. I am a story teller. If I could have lived in another time and place I would have chosen to be a travelling story teller, going from town to town, collecting stories, meetings people, and seeing different worlds.

I live in the black forest, amoung the creatures and beasts that swarm through the fog and tickle my thoughts. I am a sewer of sorts, a creator of beings that tell me their tale. All the cloths that I make have their own life and existance. It is as if I glimpse into another world and create a picture out of thread.

My goal is to create art, whatever comes to mind, in order to surrender to creativit itself and live within it amoung it. I am a follower of Jude Hill´s What If school of thought and art.

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