Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Quilt

With the news that we are expecting a little girl and with the arrival of spring I just had to start making a colorful quilt with birds. I had missed their beautiful chirping during the long winter. When it came to choosing the colors I knew it had to be more purple than pink. I have nothing against pink, except that hard neon candy pink. However, I decided for plum, violet, and purple hues with splashes of red, yellow, and aqua.

I still need to finish sewing the dark plum and yellow boarder and then finally attatch the three layers and quilt.

I am a bit afraid of closing it up since I am not adding anything. I believe I will have to use a ladder stitch to close the ends. We shall see how it turns out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An elephant out of cloth

Finally, after a year of feeling like a looser, unaccomplished, talentless hausfrau, I finally sold a piece. Granted maybe it feels not as amaying because it is to a family memeber, but as a gift to a little girl. However, it is sold and will soon be on its way to the big economic capital of Germany, Frankfurt.

It is one of my mandala elephants, and this one speaks of fire, strenght, persistence. Itseems now logical that this one should be the first one to sell.

As requested I added the little girls name inbright colors and finisehd the embroidered bits and pieces.

I also add three haning elephant medallions to give it that mobile look. However, this piece is not to be played with, only looked at.

And to finish it off I added a branch from the Pfalz forest wrapped in dyed wool.

Any thoughts on this piece are more than welcome, and I appologize for the not so good picture quality. After my son decided to play with the camera, especially the eye, the camera no longer focuses as precisely as before.

Friday, March 18, 2011

budding thoughts

we finally received the keys to our new home. And last weekend we went every day to the house and enjoy the nature surrounding it, the peacefulness, the beauty, the Godliness. Like so many others I do find divinity in nature. I recall always needing a break from Bogota as a child and a teenager, and finding my peace in Guasca, a small town where my aunt and uncle have their refuge. A little finca up in the hills, looking down at a stone river. The wind would bring fresh scents of grass, or warm aromas of the neighbor´s chickens and horses.

Even though compared to my husband, who grew up in a german village walking barefoot and can recognize any plant, I am a city girl I have the desire to be a country woman. I want our children to grow up climbing trees, making crowns and necklaces out of flowers, builing forts, and swiming in the creek. I want them to have the knowledge of the earth, how to take care of it, how to cultivate it.

I see how we have lost touch with our history, ancestors, spirit, and I have the feeling as if I need to preserve it. There are too many souls that cannot see past the somputer screens. They have no idea about how nature works. We are loosing skills that are precious and very valuable.

The disaster in Japan just reinds me of how vulnerable our comfort is. One day we can be busy fussing over stock and all of a sudden reality hits and one has to wonder where to find clean water, how to remain warm, how to survive. In my moments of paranoia I think about how would I survive if all technology and modern comforts were take away. What would I take with me? What would I do?

I have always wanted to have books on: natural remedies and a encyclopedia of edible an poisonous plants. I want to learn about nature. I want to reunite with it.

Have any of you ever contemplated about that? What if we all had to start over and rebuild the world?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shop update

My past attempts to become a successful selling artist have failed. The only reasons I can come up with are either because of lack of people who are aware of my work and lack of interest towards my work (of course including a probable dislike towards my work as well). So I will attempt again with new items and see if I am luckier and able to tell all those who doubted, and still do, to sod off.

There are several pieces I am working on. I am finishing up The heart from within. I have also had a recent love for owls. I encountered, thanks to a fellow Boro student, the words of Ann Wood. Her owls and papier mache are amazing. My son has been intrigued by owls for a long time now. I believe it is their eyes.So in honor of these night guardians, I have made a cloth. I had children in mind.