What iffing school of thought

Monday September 20, 2010
What if the transition of time were represented in a cascade of colors? One colliding with the next; falling into space and ending into a pool of while surrounded by blackness.

Wednesday September 8, 2010

What if a thought had a physical representation, as do all things in a Platonic world. What would a thought look like?
Sunday August 8, 2010
What if instead of making 2 dimensional cloths I were to look within the layers and see what lays there? What if within each layer of cloth there was another story there, in the fibers that held them. What if I were to stretch them like an accordion and observe them?
Friday july 23, 2010
What if I trap my beast of a self and enclose it within a grave. Let it live with its own fierceness and horridness by itself. How would I go about trapping it? what would make a beast stop and be caught? Would it stop if all its harm were to be shown to it? would it stop and ponder then?
Wednesday July 21, 2010

What if a beast was just a state of mind? Could we all then be beasts at a drop of a hat? Or what makes a beast a beast? A physical trait? An emotional habit? A personal flaw?
What if I were a beast? what type of beast would I be?
What type of beast would you be?

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