Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh Bernina

I have finally received my first sewing machine ever!!!! And I actually know how to use it. At first I was petrified about the prospect of it arriving and having to show my hubby I would in fact use it. So I searched the world wide web and found a wonderful little tutorial on how to use a sewing machine by Chica and Jo (here is the link to the tutorial So for several hours, once the little one was fast asleep, began to make my future nieces quilt. It is a simple three colored block quilt, nothing fancy, but I wanted something that I could do quickly since her arrival is quickly approaching.

So, after re threading too many times and cursing at my younger self for not paying attention to the weekly sewing classes my abuelita gave us, I have successfully sewn together three rows out of the ten total. I will hopefully finish the top part today and then will move on to the next challenge...sewing the three layers together!!!

Since Christmas is almost upon us I have several things that I want to try to make and have yet to begin. Also, it is quite difficult to find the things I need because of where I am located and my terrible German.

Well, back to my Bernina!