Sunday, July 25, 2010

The laws of Time freezing according to Professor Rex Duchenne

It is finally trapped within time itself. This was only possible with the laws of time freezing estblished by Professor Rex Duchenne. A brilliant man that discovered that he could in fact freeze time when electricity was applied to his neck, scalp and ear lobe skin. However, time would only freeze around him. Others outside of these sphere were still able to move and live through time. Prof. Duchenne, while in a time freeze, observed that time bubbles would create andhe was able to see the different dimensions that create time, space, and all existance. He also observed as the sky and all things around him would begin to fragment if time were frozen quickly without it noticing. Other times, when Prof. Duchenne would freeze time, time itself would notice and escape leaving himself within a coma like state.

Professor Rex Duchenne during one of his famous time freezing experiements.

Professor Duchenne, explained that with the ability of freezing time, he was actually able to perceive the future, emotions, and pig latin in colors. In his journal the professor himself stated that "time freezing is a means which brings exhiliration and joy that I have never experienced. I have witnessed past ahd future collide. A whole new life can be lived within a time freeze, and I wish nothing more than to live  forever within this state of Nirvana. I have found my heaven." 

On November 24, 1905, Professor Duchenne perfomed what would be his last time freeze while in front of the college of Quantum and Metaphysics. As the electriciy was applied to his neck, scalp, and ear lobe skin a young scienticst sneezed. Everyone starred as the beloved professor lit up with electricity and within seconds completely vanished. It is now thought that time became aware at the precise moment it was being freezed, and because the freezing process was done very quickls the professor was entrapped within one of the time bubbles.  

Friday, July 23, 2010

It, starting to observe

I have been avidl working on my beast. It is slowly coming into view. I am slowly seeing how horribly fierce it truly is, and how desperatly I need to catch it beforeit causesany more harm.


time has been on my mind. 
Time for the move.
Time for play
time for meals
time to clean
time for sewing
time for change....
You need time for everything.
And then I thought, why not freeze time. Make it stop, so as to allow myself to breathe in without wasting that time that seems to fly by so quickly. 

As time remained frozen, 
I began to recreate my beast of a self also taking a moment to observe the past that lingers in the sky.
My beast wanted to look back at the past, see it for what it was, in order to release it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A more professional me

As I am starting to find my path and my own rythm to walk to, I havealso decided to change things aound here. As I said months ago it is now time to take my art seriously. I now call myself an artist. I now have two shops. So it is not my profession. I am in love with my work. I have accepted the fact that I need to create art to survive. It is as necessary as breathing. Without it I feel suffocated.

Interesting enough as I came to this realization, I encountered a similar but vastly different individual that also felt the same impulsive push towards art, Her name is Seraphine Louis. A french woman who lived from 1864 till 1942. For years she hid her art from others. She was a poor woman, from apoor background, who worked in a convent in Clermont. She created her paints from plants, candel wax that were used in the church, and animal´s blood. Her paintings had floral themes, but are far from boring still life´s in my opinion.
Here is an example of her work.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The heat, the heat is rising

I have felt the teasing flicks of the summer heat here in the little village. I am very lucky to have to swift breeze that runs through the fields, as if I were calling it. I enjoy letting my skin recharge during the summer. My pale legs get to see the world and my cheeks get a new spalsh of color. However, the heat makes my mind a bit crazy. I have been having a hard time to understand this life and its mechanics. I have been questioning the finality of finality. As my grandfather lingers within his memory of his youth, his body is begining to surrender to its demise. And I feel so useless. There is nothing we an do, nothing we can prevent, no hope, no future for him, at least in this life, in that form. Is it hard to comprehend because maybe what we see as finality is not actually final, but instead just a change? Like the caterpillar and the butterfly?

As I was trying to understand death, the heat made me take a pause and observe a moth as it was circling a light bulb. It so desperately wanted to be with the light. However, it was not aware that it ould bring upon it death. It kept of flying closer and closer, until its wings zizzled  and fumed. It flew back amazed that the one thing it craved could cause such pain. Nevertheless, it continued. Until the light consumed it, and finally the moth achieved what it wanted, to be one with the light.

It made me ask, is that what death is? The union with all? The union with what we love most... existance, the everlating?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What is in a face? Why are we all so intrigued by a face? is it because it contains all our history, all that we are, all that we will be? When I look at a face I try to see the person´s personality, how they would react to certain events. Have they ever suffered. I look through the ebbs and flows of the skin to read their story. In their already formed wrinkles there are fragments of time that have remained there, always living in the past. It is as if something so meaningful marked them forever. Was it a smile produced by a happy joyous moment. Was it a scream caused by a moment of terror and surpise?

Faces, is that all we are? Is that what we characterize ourselves to be, just faces? If we loose our limbs are we still ourselves? I recall a very heated discussion about Frankenstein in a literature class back in college, and the professor asked us is he still himself even his body is composed of other people? Is he still human? And I said yes, because our true selves lies within our minds or souls, thus even if we have artificial limbs we still remain ourselves. So do we only reain ourselves because of what we remember? Because of our thoughts, ideas, and dreams? A person with amnesia, is he or she still the same? Do their life experiences linger somewhere else? Like a scar? Like wrinkles?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sorry for the absense

I know it has been a while since the last time I have posted on my beloved blog. I have a reasonable excuse. Ihad a house full of relatives, a wedding, and a walkaholic toddler. But I have been itching to write, and so here I am, finally.

After a month of being with relatives one forgets how life used to be lived without other people around. So we are settling back into to our normal routines and ways, only to be up rooted in a couple of weeks because of the impending move. I am lookingfoward to it and I am also scared about it. Change can always be a scary thing, but I have always welcomed change. It always brings growth.

I am looking foward to furniture shopping, decorating, painting, and creating. I am most definitely looking foward to having my own creative space where I can have a proper desk and good lighting and four walls of my very own where I can hang things on. It is very exciting to be able to portray my likes and personalities in a space. I have always lived in places with white walls that have to stay that way. But now those white walls are canvases waiting to be given a story.

Also with this change I will be more disciplined, or at least I will have to be since the husband will be busy during the week. So I will have to schedule my time and not waste it. I have high hopes and dreams of being an organiyed professional person. I want to finally fulfill my dreams of publishing and releasing my art into the world. I hope it goes well.

On another note, I was un in northern Germany for my husband´s twin´s wedding, in a town called Celle. It was absolutely beautiful. It was full of crooked houses and wonderful shops and cafes, and rivers, and parks. I loved the feeling of it. It felt light and welcoming. I could see myself living there.