Monday, September 26, 2011

The wonders of his imagination.

Everyday I am amazed by how wonderfully imaginative my son is. One day there is a dragon living in the bell tower of the church, or a small brown monster that pulls his blanket, or the police are going to come to give the dog a ticket for barking.

Today his game was to run around in a green laundry basket and waiting for me to tap his nose and make a beeping noise. He was entertained for at least half an hour. I love this age. Children are so beautiful and happy. They are the best example of pure happiness.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life at the moment.

It has been until today that I have picked up my needle and thought about stitching. I have been enjoying my mother's help, my little lindita as I like to call her, and the ability to rest ( thanks to my wonderful mom, what would I do without her). We have had our share of wonderful moments of basti learning to love his sister, and our moments of stress.

Here is Jude's magic feather. I will be sending it to her once I have finished.