Saturday, June 19, 2010

The journey continues on...

It appears there is more to this monster and just ugliness. Jude has been asking some very interesting questions. " what if the teeth of this beast were used in some symbolic way?" She asked and I do believe my subconscious came up with this image for a reason. So why not explore the meaning behind it more in depth...

I began to think what do teeth represent. I thought food, chomping, tearing, aggression. Then I remembered that hunters would collect teeth of the hunted as a souvenir. So could it be a symbol for strength, even a beings spirit. If you do not have teeth you can no longer hurt or eat, or show your strength to others.  What if the girl were the monster's hunter? What if she collects his teeth and absorbs his strength? What if she becomes the next monster? Not in a bad way, but instead she becomes the powerful one in the gleaming city of hope. What if then she were able to achieve what she wanted? Would she then become who she has always wanted to be? What if the monster helped her unleash her truth? Her true self?

What if the monster continued to appear during her journey? What if he appeared to give her strength and confidence? As another fellow student suggested maybe the monster is my animal totem.

Now on a more sewing what if..what if I add arrows and a view of the gleaming city of hope around the border or maybe even clues of where the city is?....Wow...I love the journey that I am taking in this soft world of fabric and thread...What else will I encounter?

Friday, June 18, 2010

The monster in my mind

I know the pictures are terrible. I just do not have the right lighting or the right area where I can take pictures at the moments. As I wrote before we will be moving to the city. And also as I said before I have always seen the city as a monster that can eat away your individuality. You become part of a massive crowd and move like one act like one. You begin to see outsiders as odd, when in reality you are the odd one who no longer thinks about your individuality. I am exagerating. It all has to do with the story I am creating for the Spirit Cloth class with the wondrous Jude Hill.

A young girl travels to the city where she believes she will find her purpose and happiness. She is convinced the city is the place to be. All the signs point towards the city. They all anounce how glorious and luxurious life will be once she gets there. It even seems as if the path were leading her straight to her destination.

However, once she gets close she is surrounded by shadows, that usually seems scary and dark, almost impenetrable. But this time she can see their eyes. They look in horror what lies ahead. They begin to whisper  No don,t go. It is a trick. Open your eyes. Look ahead. It is a trick. And so she does. She looks straight ahead and she sees the truth.

What lies ahead is not the gleaming city of hope, but instead a hungry monster staring down at her with hunger. He is angry that she has opened her eyes and seen reality.
the faceless (as of yet) girl.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving to the city

I am currently in the search for a new home, that is why I have been very absent here. That and I burnt my hand while cleaning pots and pans. A burner was on the whole time we were enjoying lunch and a pot cover was nicely nestled on the hot burner. Well, I did not realize it was hot until it was stuck to my thumb, index and middle fingers. The glue was boiling and oozing and held on tightly. Maybe it was a plea of "please do not put me back on the burner!" Either way I was in horrible pain, and my mother in law, who is a woman that can withstand any type of pain, was amazed I could be in so much pain.

Either way my hand is back to its regular functionality, thank god! And I have been using it avidly to search through the city for a livable place. I had forgotten what it is like to leave within the beast. It is a hot, sticky creature that swells with aggressive and arrogant tendencies. And to think I used to be one of its followers. People can tell you are not part of their clan and boy... it is not a good feeling to not belong. Either way it was an experience to realize it is difficult if not impossible to find a place with a bit of green in the city. So we are off this Friday to a small town close by where the beast and its clan of followers can be at bay, and only occasionally feel their burning looks. I know I am exaggerating. I met nice people there of course, and saw nice parks and wonderful shops, and cafes...mmm yum!

Here is my newest tale in progress. The blooming Ruler.
Hidden within the woods, surrounded by frost and cloaked by shade
a young servant unwilling to serve the malice that hovers above him commences the shift.
On a cold dewy day the servant digs into the moist soil.
He whispers his desires to the earth.
He wishes for a ruler that will grow and reign the woods fairly, and provide them with what they need.
The Sun looks down mystified by the young servant. He too feels the shift
The earth nourishes the wish.
The sun warms the air and fosters the kingdom.

The ruler and his companion appear sleepy and awaiting.
They wait for the moment when change is most needed.
And as the frost and shade begins to disperse, the servant watches as the Ruler spreads his leaves.
Change has finally come.
And all can feel it in the air.
Long live the earthy king.