Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Frost, snow and attaining warmth

All of a sudden winter decided to reach the Palatine forest in late January. It had only rained and I began to change my perception of winter. I told myself that It really wasn't so bad, or so cold, or maybe I had gotten used to the cold German weather. I was wrong. My body is not used to it, quite the opposite. My skin is red and sore from the cold dry air, my throat is constantly soar, my nose always stuffy and I can feel the cold trapped within my bones. Since yesterday It has been terribly cold in the village. There has been snow, which does make it look quite beautiful, and One is able to make silly faces on the car window.

Because of the cold I have decided to stay inside more and continue with my crochet. I am almost done with Lindita's blanket. I have not done mor eof the shawl or the bigger blanket, but instead I have been thinking about painting and returning to cloth. Maybe some time in the near future I will work with cloth again, but for the moment I am still enjoying drawing and crocheting. They have relaxed me, and help me conquer my anxiety.


  1. Every creative endevour i the picture is beautiful. I especially love the paint/drawing and the cloth.
    Sending you a warm hug...I can only imagine as I know how my knees feel when it cools off!

  2. Thank you nancy. THe painting was done recently and the cloth was created while taking one of Jude Hill's amazing classes.