Thursday, January 12, 2012


After searching through every single venue possible I finally found the pattern for this flower. I saw it first as a shawl. A shawl full of colorful flowers, and I fell in love. The shawl reminded me of my favorite film Amelie, springtime, happiness and it was a challenge. I have just started to crochet and so far I am still working on my wave blanket. 

I have found so much comfort in crochet. 

I have also finished my drawing "Full of Color" a reflection of my feelings. I feel so worn out, tired, dull. However, I feel and hope that I still have vibrancy and color and dreams within me, somewhere. I actually like it. I began to draw it while the mister and I were watching the "Fisher King" with Robin Williams. A strange 80's movie ( I love 80's movies) and the acceptance of insanity made me want to reach in and pull out my own. 

However, I cannot just let my craziness out and about whenever I want. Even though I would love to walk around singing at the top of my lungs, laughing at the air and wearing mismatched socks and colorful crocheted sweaters with my hair in a frenzy I must leave my crazy to prance around in the studio or splash it on the white page. 

So as my normal self I accompanied my mister and his twin to the top most point of the town. A place I look at every day, but had never gone to visit. I was a wonderful sight, a wonderful place, where peace and joy and serenity meet and you can actually turn into a giant and observe the village dwellers and surrounding valleys and hills. A podium of observance I call it. 

And upon this podium there is a portal, or really a memorial for the ones who died during the first world war, and one can see the faces of the 6 gentlemen of the town that were lost to the horrid violence and aftermath of such a war. However, I saw it as a portal. Not sure yet what type of portal it is, but a portal none the less. 


  1. Oh my dear woman...please allow yourself to focus on only good thoughts and you'll see a shift in your feelings...a portal to inner peace, joy and serenity that will turn you into a giant.

  2. Thanks Annie, but there is also value in the negative. Without the negative there is no positive, and I love the positive and wonderful moments but I also allow the negative ones. I do not shy away from them because they bring with them so much productivity. They are the ones that bring in the positive and they are the ones that push you to the surface again. There is joy and serenity and peace, but there is also chaos, and dirt, and noise.